Ho Ho Ho Says “No No No”

He might look jolly, but I think the blissful smile on Santa’s face has something to do with whatever’s in that pipe. Certainly he hasn’t been friendly to my Christmas wish that he deliver my books when he makes his rounds.


“In the words of Amy Winehouse in Rehab,” he said, “No. No. No.” Then he turned with a jerk and laid a finger to his nose, leading me to wonder if rehab might be in order for the too-jolly old elf.

Anyway, looks like if you want a copy of the book, Sex is a Four-Letter Word and Other Misconceptions, by Christmas you’ll have to crack the whip on your own reindeer. And couldn’t we all use a good laugh this Christmas, what with the world being in such good shape and all.

Books can be ordered on this site. Click the Buy Now button at the bottom.

Or contact me by phone (705-777-0364) or email (hathcharm@gmail.com) to arrange purchase and delivery. I seem to be making deliveries as frequently as certain unsavoury types visit the North Pole.

Or you can buy books at Shabby Motley, Stone’s Office Plus and City Meat Market on Queen Street or The Rad Zone in Wellington Square Mall in Sault Ste. Marie.

Let’s Talk About Sex is a Four-Letter Word

Marnie Stone interviews me about the new book for one of her famous Facebook Live posts. As well as telling us a few things about how the book came to pass, this video demonstrates why I am not a broadcast journalist. Marnie, on the other hand, does well on camera.

Not Too Shabby

Very pleased that Shabby Motley Handcraft on Queen Street is now carrying my book in its local authors section. Now in its fifth year (I believe) of operation, Shabby Motley is one of many enterprises established by creative and daring young people that are changing the face of Sault Ste. Marie, the downtown in particular. My only regret is that I will probably gain weight through my association with Shabby because I can’t resist their baked goods.

Saultites often complain that the best and brightest of the city’s young people move away because they can’t find work here. There is some truth to that. But there are a lot of exceptions to that rule, young people who are creating new and interesting and financially viable things despite the atmosphere of defeatism that prevails in a depressed local economy. More power to them.